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<i>Lathyrus odoratus</i> 'Midnight'
<i>Lathyrus odoratus</i> 'Midnight'

Lathyrus odoratus 'Midnight'

spencer sweet pea seed Midnight

Larger than average, dark maroon flowers, which look almost black in certain lights, appear in clusters early in the season....

approx 20 seeds
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Sweet Peas for the Cutting Garden

By mid summer the garden will be a glorious affair full of scent and soft flower. Placing a posy from the garden, close to a family hub like the kitchen table, unites your home and garden as effectively as having a huge picture window. You don’t have to b

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In need of support.....

The longer I go on growing my own veg, the more support I need.It was all so simple when I started. All I needed was a few little wigwams. You know the kind of thing; stick five bamboo canes in the ground in a rough circle, tie the tops together and you

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Sowing sweet pea from seed

The easiest seeds to grow are the annuals because they are programmed to germinate, flower and set seed within one year - therefore they pop up easily because there’s no time to waste. Sweet peas must be one of our favourites. They can be sown from Octobe

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