Heliopsis & Miscanthus plant combination

Heliopsis & Miscanthus plant combination

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Buy Heliopsis & Miscanthus plant combination Heliopsis & Miscanthus plant combination: A great planting combination

The plants in this collection will die right back in autumn, then fresh new growth will appear again in spring.

    Keep the colour coming well into the autumn with this easy, unstructured combination.

    In this collection you will receive three of each of the following varieties. The Heliopsis are supplied in 8cm pots, while the Miscanthus come in 9cm pots.

  • Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra 'Summer Nights' Putting on a colourful display in the herbaceous border, these dependable and long-lived perennials produce an abundance of fully-double, green-centred, yellow flowers from midsummer to early autumn. The flowers are good for cutting too. Grows to 1.2m.

  • Miscanthus sinensis 'Malepartus' A statuesque grass that will extend the season of interest in a mixed border, this has fine, arching leaves with a distinctive white stripe down the centre. Its flowers are spectacular; reddish brown, silky feathers that rise upwards from their stems and glow in the evening light. This grass is quick to establish and turns a beautiful reddish-brown in autumn. Use it as a feature plant in a mixed or perennial border. Grows to 2m.

  • Planting tips: Prepare the bed well by digging in lots of composted organic matter before you plant. For best results it is essential that the plants are kept well watered for the first year, particularly during warmer weather.

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