Cosmos bipinnatus 'Purity'

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Buy Cosmos bipinnatus 'Purity' cosmos: Graceful, pure white flowers

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: moderately fertile, moist, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: June to October
  • Hardiness: half hardy annual

    This popular annual cosmos makes a great filler for a sunny border, and as long as it's dead-headed regularly, it will produce a succession pure white, saucer-shaped flowers from early summer to mid-autumn. It's very easy to grow and it makes an invaluable addition to the cutting garden.

  • Garden care: In early spring, sow shallowly in seed trays and keep under glass, transplanting them into individual pots when large enough to handle. Harden off before planting outside after the frosts. Alternatively, sow in-situ im mid- to late spring in a well-prepared bed and thin the seedlings out as they grow to allow approximately 30cm between each. As the seedlings grow, pinch out the tips to encourage bushier plants. Taller plants may need supporting with brushwood stems in exposed positions.

  • Sow: March-May

  • Flowering: June-October

  • Approximate quantity: 100 seeds.

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Grew these from seed for the first time this year and they're amazing, I'll definitely grow again next years. Months of flowers- still going strong in late September- loved by all kinds of bees and beetles.




Gorgeous cosmos


I love these cosmos. They are very simple to grow from seed, and germinate easily. Nice strong stems, I do stake them which is not difficult, the blooms keep coming the more you deadhead them. They were starting to get leggy (it's end of August now) but I cut them lower on the main stem and new buds are coming through. I plant these every year, so many blooms that go on and on, I love them.

Erica D



Would definitely buy these seeds from you again.


Purchased seeds and have good display - would purchase these from Crocus again. Keep deadheading to ensure new flowers.

Mrs Digwell

North Norfolk




Reliable with very attractive flowers. I have bought Cosmos Purity seeds year after year to climb up our willow arches and they have never failed to give us a stunning display. We also planted some under a redundant sweet pea frame in very different soil conditions and they did incredibly well there too. I always start our seeds in trays in the polytunnel, thin them out into individual polypots, harden them off in the cold frame and plant them in their final growing position when all chance of frost has passed.




Providing much needed late summer and autumn interest


Masses of pretty large white flowers over a long period, interesting folliage, quite tall plants, may need staking of some sort especially in high winds, make an impact late in the season, got compliments from visiting friends




Must have annual


Easy to grow from seed but as slugs like the young,plants I tend to grow them on in pots until strong. Once established they flower continuously. Pure white flowers and feathery foliage. They do need staking as the plants grow very large. I wouldn't be without them. They will flower almost to first frosts

Pink nasturtium

South wales


May not order again.


Planted seeds in trays covered as directed. Placed inside the house and kept moist. Only 4 out of 15 are now seedlings and have been potted on successfully.






Creates a magical effect in large pots or the border throughout late summer. Beloved of bees.

No nickname

East Sussex


Wonderful for later flowering into autumn


The plants that survived the slugs flowered well into Autumn, I love them!





4.6 9


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