cherry 'Sunburst'

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Buy cherry 'Sunburst' cherry Sunburst: White blossom and juicy near-black cherries.

This plant is deciduous so it will lose all its leaves in autumn, then fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: deep, moist but well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Ultimate size on Gisela 5 rootstock: 3 x 3m (10x10ft)
  • Flowering period: April to May
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    A vigorous tree, which is upright at first but later spreading as it matures. The white flowers appear in mid-spring and these are followed by very large, near-black cherries (darker than Stella) from mid July. It is a popular, self-fertile, sweet cherry - and the large fruit have a gorgeous flavour. The plants we sell in a 10lt pot are around 1.2 - 1.5m tall and 2 years old at the moment and will usually start to produce fruit in their third or fourth year.

  • Garden care: When planting incorporate lots of well-rotted garden compost in the planting hole and stake firmly.
    Stone fruits like the cherry should be lightly pruned in the summer because they are prone to a disease called Silver Leaf which enters through cuts. If you prune in late summer, the sap is slowing but is still running fast enoughenough to seal up any wounds. Lighlty prune to retain shape and remove any damaged, diseased or broken branches.

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Eventual height & spread

Hi. I am wanting to plant a line of 3 fruit trees at the bottom of my garden (including a couple of cherry trees e.g. a sunburst - Gisela 5). Can you please tell me what is the closest distance they can be planted apart. I realise that ideally they should be spaced at a distance equal to the height/spread of the tree - in the case of the sunburst 3m apart but was wondering what would happen if they were planted closer together. I thought they might adjust accordingly and grow to the available space with pruning etc - or is that just wishful thinking?! Many thanks.

A Novice Gardener

Hello there This cherry is grown on a Gisela 5 rootstock as a bush form, so it won't be a large spreading tree. The minimum I would plant them apart would be 2m. You can prune to control the size, but this needs to be done in the summer.

What are the best times of the year to plant 0ut cherry trees (1)Stella (2)Sunburst. I live in Cardiff South Wales surrounded by a predominantly clay soil.


Hello there The ideal time to plants a fruiting cherry is between November to March but you would still be ok now. We still have cherry 'Stella' available in a Colt bareroot (bush) and a cherry 'Meteor Korai' Hope this helps.

Hi, I'm thinking of buying your cherry 'Sunburst' but we will be moving in a year or two. Will it be OK to replant it then, or can I keep it in a pot until then?


Hello there I think it would be best to keep it in a pot if you are going to be moving in a year or two as you may do more damage trying to dig it up and move it, but just make sure that it is in a big pot, and keep it well watered and fed. Hope this helps


Cambridge Greengage, and Cherry Sunburst,- size etc. please Dear sirs I want to buy your Cambridge Greengage. The website says that it will be supplied in a 10 litre pot but that doesn't tell me how tall the plant is likely to be, how old it is, and how long before I can expect fruit. Please can you advice before I place my order. Many thanks for your assistance

Perry Lay

Thanks for the prompt response, Helen. Would this be the same for Cherry Sunburst? Regards

Perry Lay

Hello There, They are sold in 10lt pots and will be around 2 years old and 1.2 - 1.5 m tall. As a very general rule greengages do not start producing fruit until they are around 3 - 4 years old so you will need to wait a year or two. I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk

Hello again, Yes, they are roughly the same. I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk

Cherry 'Sunburst' Gisele 5 - How close to the house can I plant it? Hi, I was hoping you could help me please. I'd like to plant a Cherry 'Sunburst' Gisele 5 in my front garden but the spot I have for it is only about 1 metre away from my house. Do I need to be worried about the roots being too close to the house and foundations? Look forward to hearing from you, Joanne

Alistair & Jo

Hello again Joanne, As the Gisela 5 will produce a tree around 3m tall and wide eventually, I would suggest planting it at least 2 - 2.5m away from the building. I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor

Alistair & Jo

How far away would you suggest is the minimum? Thanks, Jo

Crocus Helpdesk

Hello Joanne, Ideally you should move it a little further away from the house, especially if you have a heavy soil. I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk

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