<i>Bergenia</i> 'Abendglut'
<i>Bergenia</i> 'Abendglut'
<i>Bergenia</i> 'Abendglut'
<i>Bergenia</i> 'Abendglut'

Bergenia 'Abendglut'

elephant's ears

Commonly known as elephant's ears, because of their large, leathery, oval leaves, bergenias have become fashionable again, thanks...

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Neatly crimped, warm-red wrinkle-textured leaves barely topped by semi-double rose-red flowers from April to June make this one of the finest bergenias Val Bourne - Garden Writer


The trick to achieving the tropical effect is good preparation and dense planting, vivid foliage, fiery flowers and striking contrasts. The jungle garden is a place for theatrical planning and planting. If you don't have room or the inclination to turn y

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Double interest flowers

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