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tarragon 'French'

French tarragon / Artemisia dranunculus 'French'

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Buy tarragon 'French' French tarragon / Artemisia dranunculus 'French': French tarragon is delicious cooked with fish

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: August to September
  • Hardiness: half-hardy (will need winter protection)

    Loose clusters of white flowers in late summer and aromatic light to mid-green leaves. Tarragon is perfect for growing in a terracotta container in full sun. Sprigs of the aromatic foliage can be harvested throughout the growing season, for flavouring chicken and fish dishes and for making tarragon vinegar or in sauces.

  • Garden care: Potted plants should be moved to an unheated greenhouse or sheltered porch during the winter months, while others should be protected with horticultural fleece.

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Is French tarragon damaged by Frost? Are there any pests which enjoy it? What kind of soil or compost in a container? Thank you


Hello, These plants are fully hardy, so provided they do not get too wet and waterlogged in winter, the cold will not kill them off - however they are herbaceous so they do die back completely when the temperatures drop. The only pests that they are usually affected by are aphids and occasionally galls, and they should flourish in a good quality potting compost - just make sure there is adequate drainage.


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