Ananas comosus 'Corona'

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Buy Ananas comosus 'Corona' ornamental pineapple: A ornamental pineapple makes an interesting plant for a sunny windowsill

  • Position: sun/partial shade
  • Soil: fertile: good potting compost
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Hardiness: tender (indoors only)
  • Current height: approximately 40cm (including pot)
  • Pot covers: choose a 14cm pot cover to give a good fit over the pot.

    A curious plant with an ornamental pineapple growing from the top, but this pineapple is not for eating! Part of the Bromeliad plant family native to Tropical America it has swordlike spiny green leaves, held in a dense rosette, with the fruit held in the centre on a sturdy stalk. Being a sun lover , pop it on a sunny kitchen windowsill to be appreciated. Please note that the pot in the photograph is not supplied with the plant (which is sent out in a black plastic pot). They do however make excellent potted plants, and if you wish to pot yours up, we do have a wide range of pots on our website to choose from.

  • Home care: Allow the soil to dry out between watering. You can feed it with a balanced liquid fertiliser from spring to autumn. There are 2 ways to propagate this plant - either cut off the foliage tuft from the top of the fruit, peel of the lower leaves and then pot this up, or wait until the parent plant produces offsets, and pot these up.

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Eventual height & spread

Hi I bought one of your pineapple plants and I have put it in a bigger pot but the leaves are going all yellow. I haven't over watered and so I am not sure what's wrong with it. Thanks


Hello, This could be caused by a number of things, however the most common reason (particularly when they are grown in pots) is over-watering. This can be hard to detect from the feel of the top of the compost, so perhaps you could tip it out of its pot to see whats happening at the bottom of the roots. Another reason for yellowing leaves however could be under-watering, so again checking the bottom of the rootball will give you a clearer idea of which way to go.


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