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Plant up your pond

Choose a sunny warm day to make the job more pleasant. Use a special aquatic basket with lattice-work sides to plant both marginals for the shallows around the edge of the pond and for deep-water plants such as waterlilies. It is also important to use special aquatic compost which releases nutrients slowly otherwise the pond water will turn green with algae. After planting, cover the surface of the compost with a 2cm layer of washed gravel which will prevent fish from stirring up the compost. Plunge each basket into a bucket of pond water until the air bubbles stop coming out of the compost. Then place the plant in the pond. Stand waterlilies on bricks so that their leaves are just below the surface. As the leaves grow, lower the basket in stages until it is sitting on the floor of the pond.

Tools required

aquatic basket, aquatic compost, gravel.

Skill rating


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