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Sneeboer pointed spade

Buy Sneeboer pointed spade: Great for crowded borders when precision is needed

Sneeboer perennial planter

Buy Sneeboer perennial planter: Perfect for hard to manoeuvre areas

Sneeboer scarifying rake

Buy Sneeboer scarifying rake: Designed specifically for removing stubborn lawn moss

Sneeboer long handled mattock

Buy Sneeboer long handled mattock: Two handy tools in one

Sneeboer hand mattock

Buy Sneeboer hand mattock: Two very useful tools in one

Sneeboer hand fork

Buy Sneeboer hand fork: A much needed hand tool

Sneeboer hand wrotter

£29.99 £23.99
20% off selected
Buy Sneeboer hand wrotter: A very clever weeding tool

Sneeboer flowerbed trowel

Buy Sneeboer flowerbed trowel: Narrowing blade and cherry wood handle

Sneeboer long handled tools

Buy Sneeboer long handled tools: A lighter and narrowly shaped handle

Sneeboer potting trowel

£35.99 £28.79
20% off selected
Buy Sneeboer potting trowel: Specially designed for right or left handed gardeners

Sneeboer great dixter trowel

Buy Sneeboer great dixter trowel: Designed to the specifications of Christopher Lloyd

Sneeboer great dixter perennial spade

Buy Sneeboer great dixter perennial spade: Perfectly shaped for tight spaces

Sneeboer seedling pricker

£19.99 £15.99
20% off selected
Buy Sneeboer seedling pricker: Handy for transplanting seedlings

Sneeboer great dixter fork

Buy Sneeboer great dixter fork: Offers greater power than a hand tool, more control than a full size tool

Sneeboer digging fork

Buy Sneeboer digging fork: 3 tine, lightweight fork

Sneeboer royal dutch hand hoe

Buy Sneeboer royal dutch hand hoe: Effortless weeding between plants in small spaces

Heavy duty flick n click nyjer feeder

Buy Heavy duty flick n click nyjer feeder: Robust, easy-fill feeder for nyjer seeds

Onyx click 2 clean nyjer feeder

Buy Onyx click 2 clean nyjer feeder: Generous nyjer seed feeder with a high-gloss black finish

Sneeboer weeding fork

Buy Sneeboer weeding fork: Removes weeds with ease

Sneeboer dandelion trowel

Buy Sneeboer dandelion trowel: Remove dandelions with ease