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Zantedeschia aethiopica

Buy Zantedeschia aethiopica : An imposing plant for moist soil

Amaranthus caudatus

£1.49 £1.19
20% off selected seeds
Buy Amaranthus caudatus : An exotic-looking summer spectacle

Ammi majus

£1.89 £1.51
20% off selected seeds
Buy Ammi majus : A billowing, non-invasive cow parsley

Visnaga daucoides 'Green Mist'

£2.99 £2.39
20% off selected seeds
Buy Visnaga daucoides 'Green Mist': Wonderfully etheral in the border

mint - English lamb mint

Buy mint - English lamb mint: Perfect for making mint sauce


Buy angelica: Stunning accent plant

Zantedeschia 'Captain Romance' (PBR) (Captain Series)

Buy Zantedeschia 'Captain Romance' (PBR) (Captain Series): Sublime form for a reliably moist soil

Zantedeschia 'Odessa' (PBR)

Buy Zantedeschia 'Odessa' (PBR): Impressive flowers for the border or vase

Hydrangea & metal pot combination

£64.98 £45.49
30% off selected hydrangeas
Buy Hydrangea & metal pot combination:

Willow kit for arbour or tunnel

Buy Willow kit for arbour or tunnel: Grow your own romantic hideaway

Willow kit for fence & arch

Buy Willow kit for fence & arch: Grow your own arch

Hydrangea & pot combination

£22.98 £16.09
Buy Hydrangea & pot combination: Beautiful white flowers in a frost resistant pot

Hydrangea & tulip pot combination

£67.98 £47.59
Buy Hydrangea & tulip pot combination: