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Two handed compost stirrer / compost aerator

£19.99 £15.99
20% off selected
Buy Two handed compost stirrer / compost aerator: This long-handled aerator is used to mix and aerate compost.

Hi-Lo hanging basket raising / lowering pulley

Buy Hi-Lo hanging basket raising / lowering pulley: Allows easier access to water and tend hanging baskets

Professional left handed secateurs

Buy Professional left handed secateurs: Smaller proportions for an easy left handed grip

Leather tool holster

Buy Leather tool holster: Handy holder for those favourite pair of secateurs

Lightweight shears

Buy Lightweight shears: Razor sharp and extremely lightweight

Long handled bulb planter

Buy Long handled bulb planter: Strong handle and sharp cutting edge for easy planting

Compound action small pruner

Buy Compound action small pruner: Lightweight lever-action pruners for easier cutting

Expert bypass pruner

Buy Expert bypass pruner: High-quality pruners with a larger cut capacity

Expert bypass small pruner

£16.99 £13.59
20% off selected
Buy Expert bypass small pruner: Compact pruners ideal for fine pruning and smaller hands

Telescopic ratchet lopper

Buy Telescopic ratchet lopper: Lightweight and powerful extendable lopper

Telescopic anvil lopper

Buy Telescopic anvil lopper: Heavy-duty extendable lopper for dead and hard wood

Heavy duty compound action anvil lopper

£29.99 £23.99
20% off selected
Buy Heavy duty compound action anvil lopper: Cut branches with up to 50% less effort

Telescopic edging shear

Buy Telescopic edging shear: Shears with individually adjustable handles

Tri blade shear with telescopic handles

Buy Tri blade shear with telescopic handles: Triple bladed shears with double the cutting edge

Lightweight ladies shear

Buy Lightweight ladies shear: Super light shear, ideal for precision cutting

Expert topiary shear

£34.99 £27.99
20% off selected
Buy Expert topiary shear: Ultra-lightweight shear for precision trimming

Long handled pruning snapper

£35.99 £28.79
20% off selected
Buy Long handled pruning snapper: Cut and hold pruner for snipping at a distance

Lawn scarifier

Buy Lawn scarifier: An essential part of your spring lawn care routine

Rake and shift

£17.99 £14.39
20% off selected
Buy Rake and shift : Versatile tool for clearing leaves and other garden debris

Expert 3 metre telescopic pole

£44.99 £35.99
20% off selected
Buy Expert 3 metre telescopic pole: Strong lightweight pole for use with the Expert tree pruner