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Slug barrier - adhesive copper tape

Buy Slug barrier - adhesive copper tape: A deterrent to protect plants from slugs

Copper snail and slug tape

Buy Copper snail and slug tape: This is a great way to keep both slugs and snails off your potted plants

Compact plug plant trainer

£14.99 £11.99
20% off selected
Buy Compact plug plant trainer: Grow cuttings or seedlings like the professionals

Bumblebee nest

Buy Bumblebee nest: Encourage beneficial insects into your garden

Potato pot

£22.99 £18.39
20% off selected
Buy Potato pot : Grow your own potatoes in small spaces

Capillary matting pack

Buy Capillary matting pack: Protect plants from drying out in hot weather

Ground staples

Buy Ground staples: Sturdy metal staples for securing protective netting and more

Slug trap attractant

£4.99 £3.99
20% off selected
Buy Slug trap attractant: Child and pet friendly natural slug bait

Strawberry and hosta mats

Buy Strawberry and hosta mats: Copper-coated mats to deter slugs and snails

Soaker hose kit 100

Buy Soaker hose kit 100: Easy watering for all your plants at once - even during a hosepipe ban

Self-watering cloche

Buy Self-watering cloche:

Hanging basket cosie

Buy Hanging basket cosie:

Heavy duty tri-pegs pack of 4

Buy Heavy duty tri-pegs pack of 4:

lacewing larvae

Buy lacewing larvae : Our aphid killer is supplied as a unit of 100 lacewing larvae

ladybird larvae

Buy ladybird larvae: Aphid control with ladybirds (Adalia Bipunctata)