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<i>Viburnum tinus</i>
<i>Viburnum tinus</i>
<i>Viburnum tinus</i>
<i>Viburnum tinus</i>

Viburnum tinus


Flattened heads of white flowers from December to April, followed by dark blue-black fruit. This lovely, long-flowering laurustinus is perfect for...

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2 litre pot
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Capable of growing in deep shade against fences, this evergreen viburnum forms a mound of leaf topped by welcome clusters of dainty white flowers that open from pink buds - from midwinter onwards Val Bourne - Garden Writer


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June Week 1

If you do nothing else...water new plants. Make sure new additions do not suffer during dry spells. Plant up summer containers bedding once the threat of frosts has passed. Feed container plants about six weeks after planting. If it’s a nice day...trim he

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Trim Hedges

Fast-growing hedges such as privet, Lonicera nitida and laurustinus (Viburnum tinus) need to be trimmed every month throughout the growing season to keep looking neat and tidy. Also trim formal hedges of Escallonia.

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