Musa lasiocarpa

12cm pot £19.99
available to order from late spring
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Buy Musa lasiocarpa Chinese yellow banana: Huge leaves and yellow flowers

  • Position: full sun to partial shade
  • Soil: fertile, moist but well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: July to September
  • Hardiness: frost hardy (needs winter protection)

    Once thought to be extinct, this handsome banana was found growing in remote regions of the Himalayas in southwest China. The clump-forming plant has huge, paddle-like, bright green leaves and mature specimens will produce long-lasting yellow, summer flowers. As the flower develops, the original plant will start to die, but it will produce off shoots and will continue to thrive. In the winter or during a cold snap the foliage will brown off, but if the root is kept protected the plant will bounce back and continue to grow as soon as the temperatures rise again.

  • Garden care: Though the root is fairly hardy the foliage does need to be protected with a mulch of fleece and straw in autumn.

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Notes on Musa lasiocarpa

"A shuttlecock of grey green leaves topped by a globe-artichoke inflorescence of yellow scales - hardier and short"

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Really impressive centrepiece


This was an amazing showpiece, growing strong and healthy through the hot and dry summer of 2019. I was initially disappointed that it arrived smaller than I hoped, but it grew fast and thrived fine after I re-potted into a larger pot. I've stored this in a sheltered spot outside over winter (because I don't have a greenhouse), wrapped in fleece. Time will tell whether it has survived the winter! I also bought and ensete, which did well, and the two next to each other created a very lush feel to the garden.


South London

Great plant


Crocus always deliver great plants in safe packaging. Muss is looking happy in my new tropical bed!




Beautiful and fast growing .Instant impact.


I planted it out in a pot at the bottom of the garden.It grew vigorously and needed little attention,very low maintenance.A triffid of a plant.

fragrant fanny




5.0 3


Just wondering whether does this plant need to be dug up prior to frosty time or could we left outdoors with protection?

J star

Hello, The roots of this plant tend to be pretty tough, however the upper part of the plant will definitely need winter protection. For this reason many people choose to grow them in pots and move them to a sheltered spot for the winter.



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