Euphorbia hypericifolia Diamond Frost ('Inneuphe') (PBR)

Euphorbia Diamond Frost

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Buy Euphorbia hypericifolia Diamond Frost ('Inneuphe') (PBR) Euphorbia Diamond Frost: This is a new variety that is perfect for hanging baskets and pots.

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: light, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average to fast-growing
  • Flowering period: spring to autumn
  • Hardiness: tender (needs frost protection)

    This is a new variety that is perfect for hanging baskets and pots. If produces clouds of small, airy white flowers from late spring to through to early autumn. Its wispy form is great for adding interest and texture to your displays.

    This half hardy annual should be treated as a seasonal bedding plant. Like all bedding plants, it is quick and easy to grow and will flower profusely over a short space of time.

    To get the best from your bedding plants water them early in the morning with a weak solution of a potash-rich fertiliser, such as Tomorite. Deadhead the flowers on a regular basis as this will encourage new growth and stop the plants putting all their energy into seed production.

  • CAUTION toxic if eaten/skin & eye irritant

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Summer stunner


This is an absolute hit with me. It's the first time I have used this plant and it has flowered all summer long with small white flowers and a soft feathery foliage which together, make it really beautiful. It has performed well in garden borders and also in a patio pot, and I would definitely re-order, given that this is a tender plant. Many people have liked it too.





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My Diamond Frost was hit by real frost. Some seem OK, some look like they are suffering, the leaves have sagged and aren't as full as before. Do I need to cut back or just leave and see if they recover?


These plants are tender and require frost protection so if affected by cold weather, they are unlikely to recover. These plants are classed as bedding plants so will last for the duration of that season. It is a good idea to remove these plants before the cold weather.


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After the last frost date, plant up containers with tender flowering bedding and reliable foliage plants. Line terracotta pots with polythene, taking care not to cover the planting holes, to reduce water loss through the porous sides of the pot.

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