<i>Crocus speciosus</i> 'Albus'
<i>Crocus speciosus</i> 'Albus'

Crocus speciosus 'Albus'

autumn crocus bulbs

Beautiful, white goblet-shaped flowers from September to November, followed by narrow, mid-green leaves. This unusual autumn-flowering crocus is ideal for naturalising...

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Spring bulbs, such as daffodils and hyacinths, can be planted whenever the soil conditions allow. As a rough guide, cover them with about twice as much soil as the bulb is deep: so that a 5cm (2in) deep bulb would need a 15cm (6in) deep hole so that it

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How to plant bulbs

Bulbs are ideal for anyone who rates themselves as 'keen-but-clueless' because they are one of the easiest plants to grow. Provided you plant them at the right time of year at more or less the right depth, they will reward you year after year with a rel

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Simple but stylish protection

If rabbits, deer, squirrels or cats devour or scratch up your plants these wire mesh protectors will give them time to get established. The pyramid-shaped 'Rabbit Proof Cloche' and dome-shaped 'Squirrel Proof Cloche'

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Plan ahead with bulbs

One of the great things about gardening is being able to look into the future with enthusiasm, and part of that is planting now for next spring. A gardener knows, when handling papery brown bulbs, that these insignificant little things will produce early

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Crocus bulbs

These are the most bee-pleasing of all, because the goblet of petals traps warm air, and warmth helps nectar flow. Smaller-flowered crocus flower first, usually by February, and among the stars are the purple and white Crocus 'Ladykiller' and the silver

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