(Achillea millefolium)

This perennial spreads by seeds and runners. It is found in lawns and thrives where the soil is sandy – this weed is a good indicator of a lawn in poor condition. The presence of yarrow usually indicates the lawn is lacking nutrients - especially nitrogen.The foliage is feathery and fragrant when crushed. Small white flowers are produced from June to August, but these will not be seen if the lawn is regularly mowed.


The main way to keep weeds under control is constant vigilance, never allowing the weed to flower or seed and mulching.

  • Maintain a healthy lawn – scarifying, aerating, feeding and top-dressing in autumn will help

  • Remove weeds by hand as soon as you see them

  • Spray with a systemic weedkiller that is absorbed through the leaves of the plant, the active ingredient makes its way through the cells of the plant down to the root. It kills these first and then the foliage starts to die off

  • Use a nitrogen-rich fertiliser in spring