White Dead Nettle
(Lamiun album)

A perennial weed that looks very similar to a nettle but doesn’t sting. From April to August, white flowers are produced in the axils of upper leaves. This weed spreads by seeds.


The main ways to keep weeds under control is constant vigilance, never allowing the weed to flower or set seed.

  • Remove weeds by hand as soon as you see them

  • Hoeing is one of the best ways to remove weeds and should be done in dry weather, if possible

  • Spraying with weedkiller will do the job if the weeds are in the garden border. Spray with a systemic weedkiller, such as one that contains glyphosate, as this is absorbed through the leaves of the plant and the active ingredient makes its way through the cells of the plant down to the root. It kills these first and then the foliage starts to die off

  • Mulching will help to eliminate light, which all green plants need to survive. There are several effective mulches which will act as a weed barrier; weed suppressing fabric, well-rotted manure or garden compost, bark, grass cuttings, gravel and even a thick layer of newspaper