(Trifolium repens)


This is a major headache for many gardeners with lawns. During midsummer, when the lawn is dry, the bright green patches of clover stand out against the dull, pale grass. White clover, or Dutch clover, spreads by runners which creep along the surface of the soil rooting at intervals and forming new plants. It is a very aggressive weed and can colonise large areas.


The main ways to keep weeds under control is constant vigilance, never allowing the weed to flower or set seed.

  • Established clumps in the lawn need to be rake regularly before mowing so that creeping stems are brought up to meet the mower blades

  • Keep the lawn well watered especially in dry weather

  • Apply lawn sand in spring. This will burn off the top growth and vital nitrogen for clover control is provided

  • Spray with a selective lawn weedkiller, such as Verdone. Treat in June or July and one treatment should be enough