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Take a look around

Our home grown sweet peas.

This year this glass house will
need a re-spray.

With all the rain the resevoir is
full to the brim.
Nine varieties of sweet peas to
choose from.

Alstroemeria already starting to
produce a potful of shoots.

Dec and Mariusz just finishing
the next batch of potting.

Huge selection of old and new
varieties of roses.

Bareroot fruit trees keeping cosy - ready for
spring planting.
The mild winter has kept some of the ferns lush
and green.

Karen's tunnel already filled with 2013 potting.
Soldiers on parade!

Winter light on our driveway.
Hardy roses growing in our rose pen.

Buxus sempervirens in the foreground with
copper beech in the background.
Buxus sempervirens.

Trees catching the silver light in the woodland
behind the Chelsea tunnel.
Empty beds being blocked, cleaned and sprayed.

Seymon, Ludo and Marcin inspecting their new
forklift attachment for safely unloading trees.
Look at all that green. You would not believe it's