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Sanguisorba & Calamagrotis plant combination

    The brightly coloured button-like flowers of the burnet add a hit of colour and solidity to the ethereal summer sprays of the feather reed grass. This is a perfect starting point if you are creating a prairie-style planting scheme.

    Each collection contains one of each of the following plants..

  • Sanguisorba 'Tanna' Small, plum-coloured, button-like flowers top wiry, upright stems, and seem to hover above the neat mounds of blue-green, pinnate foliage. This cultivar is more tolerant of drier conditions, so is particularly well-suited to mixed or herbaceous borders.

  • Calamagrostis × acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' A stiff, erect habit is the defining feature of this grass, named after the famous German plantsman who introduced it to the public in the 1950s. Plant it en masse to form a feathery screen, or in small groups to add height and definition to a perennial border. It also looks good planted next to buildings. This is one of the earliest perennial grasses to get going, with shoots appearing in early spring, followed by flowers that are green first, then fade to buff.

  • Planting tips: Prepare the bed well by digging in lots of composted organic matter before you plant. For best results it is essential that the plants are kept well watered for the first year, particularly during warmer weather.

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