wallflower 'Fire King'

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Buy wallflower 'Fire King' wallflower - Erysimum: The perfect partner for tulips

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: poor to moderately fertile, well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil
  • Rate of growth: average to fast-growing
  • Flowering period: March to May
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    These are sold as bare-root plants, which have recently been dug up from the ground. Therefore, they will look a bit wilted and sad when they arrive, however field grown plants are usually stronger. They should be planted out as soon as possible, and they will usual pick up when they have settled in.

    These dazzling orange-red wallflowers will put on a stunning display in early spring. Their sumptuous colouring looks dazzling when teamed with rich plums and purples, or can add sizzle to yellow, orange and red schemes. Often grown as a biennial plant, wallflowers perform best in full sun where their bright, fragrant flowers will shine. They look particularly effective in a large patio container or at the front of a sunny fertile, well-drained border.

  • Garden care: Provide cloche protection where frosts are very severe or prolonged.

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Notes on wallflower 'Fire King'

"Don’t’ forget to plant biennials wall flowers, these make wonderful container plants. They can be planted alone, or mingle among tulips. Biennial wallflowers have a heavenly scent denied to the perennial ones. A spring day is lifted by their iconic scent."

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Good plants delivered on time.


Bare root so plant quickly or keep for few days only in water

Old Gardner



Very successful


I have just collected seeds and germinated them so I am looking forward to next year's flowers




I would buy this again


Brightens the border




Wonderful with forget me nots and tulips


Wonderful in my front garden adding vivid colour with orange, yellow and magenta tulips and forget me nots. They are bare root plants, and some were very small and weak, but most survived to flower in spring.

The entomologist's sister



Wallflowers Red Flame


Wonderful healthy wallflowers that flowered throughout the summer




Healthy, bushy plants.


Very good plants and arrived in great condition. Look forward to them flowering.




Yes I think I would give it another go


So sad. This wallflower just didn't thrive in an exposed area. Wind,,rain . Definitely more suited to some shelter. Such a shame


South West


Made a lovely display.


Looked good in both my garden and my son's. Flowered well.

Grandma Di



I would buy this plant again


I used this plant with tulips around a bird bath together with other wall flowers in harmonising colours

Goose Green

East Lothian


I would buy this product again


Under front window. Quite sheltered.


West Lothian



4.6 13


Some of your lovely wallflowers have just arrived. Please can you remind me if I plant them straight in - tomorrow or do they need to soak in water for 24 hours. Sincere thanks Joy Arundel Sussex


We do have a video about how to plant wallflowers, so please click on the following link to go straight to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9LK2zXuLCM&t=5s


Hi I bought some of these. I was not able to plant them until about 6 days after delivery, by which time they looked pretty sad with a lot of the leaves rotted away. How likely is it that they will revive?


It's hard to say without seeing them, but if there is still some top growth, then I would advise getting them in the ground as soon as possible. They may look wilted and sad throughout the winter, but could still go on to flower profusely if the damage is not too severe.


Please advise planting space between bare root plants.

The Gind

Hello there I would plant approx 25-30cm apart.

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