Phyllostachys nigra

2 litre pot 20-30cm £29.99
available to order from summer
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Buy Phyllostachys nigra black bamboo: Slim black canes and small leaves

Bamboos never look their best in winter because the cold, drying winds will often scorch their leaves. In late spring however, new canes will appear bearing a fresh batch of lush foliage.

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: fast growing
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    A beautiful tall arching bamboo with polished ebony black mature canes and dark green leaves. The slender, elegant canes, which are dark green for the first two to three years, look perfect in a contemporary, minimalist garden. To prevent the plant from colonising adjacent plantings restrict the roots using a rigid, non-perishable barrier.

  • Garden care: In smaller gardens surround the roots with a non-perishable barrier that restricts the plant's spread. Water regularly until established. Bamboos do not like competition, so are best planted en masse in a designated area of the garden.

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Eventual height & spread

Eventual height and spread

Notes on Phyllostachys nigra

"The only black bamboo, restrained in habit, with damson-purple bloomed stems accentuated by narrow white rings and pale bud scales appearing at regular intervals"

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Majestic screening plant.


In a large container for dramatic effect.

Jones y garddwr.



I would buy this product again


To provide screening and shelter






I planted this in a home made long but deep planter. The bamboo is spreading will along the length of it. Not only will this act as a screen when it is more established, but my cat loves to nibble on the leaves and i know it is safe for her and gives her additional nutrients in her diet. Win win!




Lovely plant


Love this plant. Arrived in excellent condition, very easy to grow and relatively quick growing. Very dependable company everything so far has been first class.




I would buy this product again


Healthy plant




I would buy this again


The plant arrived in a healthy condition and has thrived ever since.


South Wales


Arrived in perfect condition, healthy, sturdy, steady growth


Grow in container. Bamboo roots extremely strong and will burst through thick plastic. If left in container too long without dividing, will form solid wood.




Beautiful specimen - would buy this again


Really quick growing and spreading to form screen in newly planted garden.




Beautiful, healthy plants


We bought six of these plants to provide some screening from the next door house. We've planted them in large planters to contain the roots and they look lovely. It will obviously take a while for them to grow tall enough to make a difference to our view but they've made a good start and provide some welcome foliage during the bare winter months.


Just north of Cambridge


Very happy


Plants very heathy and grown nicely over last year.





4.8 15


Can you recommend a pot from your site for this to be planted into? Or suggested diameter/length


There are no hard and fast rules - and it will depend on what size plant you buy, and if you are happy to pot it up as it grows, but as a very general rule of thumb, I would advise opting for the largest pot you can. I would also stress the importance of keeping these plants well watered - particularly if they are grown in a pot as they are thirsty!


What is causing the leaf tips to turn yellow?

Cat lover

Hello, This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most likely ones are either a lack of water, or (if the leaves are old), they may simply be dying back as the plant puts on new growth.


Hi. I have read that these are best in a South facing garden. However, I really want to use these plants as screening in my garden but they would be facing north. Does this mean that they won't grow at all and that this would be impossible for me to do? Many thanks, Rik.


Hello there Unfortunately we wouldn't recommend that you plant them in a north facing aspect as they need a sheltered position, where they won't be battered by wind and exposed.

I want to use these plants for a screen along the side of a roof terrace. The distance is 3 meters long. I would like the plants to grow to a max of 2metres I would like to know how many pots I should buy and if better to buy the 2l or 5l? I also want to know what to plant them in given they will be on a deck and not directly in the ground. Will a trough or large pots be okay and is there anything special I need to do to ensure they thrive?


Hello, If you are trying to create a screen, then I would plant them at 45cm intervals - and which size you opt for will largely be determined by your budget. The difference between the sizes is about 2 years growth, so the larger size will offer you more immediate impact, but it will still take a while for them to offer real privacy. Bamboos are not ideal for roof terraces though as they prefer shelter from cold drying winds (and roof terraces are generally very exposed). If you have your heart set on them, make sure you pot them up into the largest pots you can find and keep them really well watered (they are incredibly thirsty).


Hi - Are the plants in the 2 litre pots mature enough to have black stems?


Hello, These plants are around 2 years old, so although the canes may be starting to turn dark, some will be darker than others.


Hi Helen If I buy a Phyllostachys Nigra , 2 litre, will it be OK to put it straight into a large tub to save potting on?


Hello, Yes, no problem at all - although it may look a little lost until it starts to put on new growth in the summer.


how many stems does the 5 litre pot have?


Hello there The 5lt Phyllostachys nigra will have 3 or more canes at the moment. Hope this helps

how tall is the bamboo in the 5 litre pot when purchased?


Hello there This plant in a 5lt pot will be approx 60-70cm tall. Hope this helps.

Hello, could I grow a single Nigra bamboo in one of the Elho 58cm pots long term? I would intend to prune it to keep it at about 2.5-3m high. Thanks.

Bob's mum

Hello, Provided you make sure the plant is well watered, this pot should be large enough for the plant to feel very comfortable for a good few years.


Please can you confirm if it should be possible to grow a series of Phyllostachys nigra in a 45ft long flower bed, that is approximately 50cm wide, in a garden which is in full sun for most of the day but is predominantly made up of clay soil? If these conditions are suitable to grow Phyllostachys nigra, is there any specific advice you have for successfully trying to grow them to in to a 'screen' in front of a 12ft high rear wall, and how many plants would you recommend in order to cover the full length of the flower bed? Finally, if Phyllostachys nigra is not the best choice of plant, is there a different variation of bamboo or a different plant that you would recommend instead?


Hello, These make excellent screens, but to stop it spreading too far into the garden, you should use some bamboo control system - please click on the following link for more information... Clay soil wont be a problem, but they will need to be kept really well watered as they are thirsty plants. As for spacing, I would aim to plant them at 45cm intervals.

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