Orlaya grandiflora

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Buy Orlaya grandiflora white laceflower: Flattened flowerheads for a long period in summer

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: June to October
  • Hardiness: hardy annual

    Lovely, pure white flowers form in big, flat-topped clusters, which resemble lace-cap hydrangeas. They appear throughout the summer above the fine, fern-like foliage. This gorgeous hardy annual has an extremely long flowering period and if deadheaded regularly, will often flower until the first frosts. It is often seen in dry, grassy fields and olive groves throughout the Mediterranean so it is particularly good in wild gardens.

  • Garden care: Feed with a liquid fertiliser every two weeks when it is actively growing. Once the plant has finished flowering you can collect the seed and sow immediately to propagate more plants for the following year.

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Floppy, short-lived and one soon died - probably my fault


Not tough enough to survive amongst more established perennials


S London


I absolutely LOVED this plant - my favourite this year!


Gorgeous, floated above my raised beds and added a bit of colour to my 'living wall', very pretty plant Long lasting when deadheaded, then collected lots of seed for next year.


North Wessex Downs


Good, healthy garden-ready plants


I bought these orlaya to use for my daughter's wedding flowers. I also open the garden for charity; the orlaya flowers were much admired by garden visitors, but by July (the wedding) they had finished flowering. Sneakily I collected some seeds, so I now have quite a forest of plants to use in the garden next year!




Easier than growing from seed


These plants show up at RHS Chelsea every year. You rarely see them for sale as plants and they are not easy to grow from seeds (time consuming). It is great to buy healthy specimens from Crocus each year. A lovely plant and well worth planting amoungst grown cover to add height and interest..





4.3 4


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