Plant bulbs in lawns and under trees

One of the best ways to add spring interest to a garden is to plant a drift of naturalised bulbs. If you want to naturalise bulbs in your lawn, create a natural-looking drift at one end or towards one side rather than spreading the bulbs right over the lawn. This not only looks more realistic, but the lawn will be easier to manage in the spring. The easiest way to create a natural look drift is to scatter the bulbs on the surface and then plant them where they land. Use a trowel or special cylindrical bulb planter to remove a core of soil deep enough so that each bulb can be covered by about twice it?s depth in soil. For example, if the bulb is 5cm (2in) deep, you should dig a hole about 15cm (6in) deep so that there is 10cm (4in) of soil over the bulb.

Tools required

Trowel or bulb planter

Skill rating


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