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Fargesia Red Panda ('Jiu')

5 litre pot £49.99
available to order from summer
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Buy Fargesia Red Panda ('Jiu') umbrella bamboo: An excellent choice for hedging

Bamboos never look their best in winter because the cold, drying winds will often scorch their leaves. In late spring however, new canes will appear bearing a fresh batch of lush foliage.

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average to fast growing
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    The canes of this beautiful, clump-forming bamboo emerge green, but turn golden orange, then rich reddish brown in their second or third year. This effect is more pronounced when grown in a sunnier spot. These colourful canes form a dense clump and are clothed in slender green leaves, which are retained throughout the year. The dense, upright growth makes this particularly good for hedging or narrow borders.

  • Garden care: Do not allow to dry out while the plant is getting established. This is a clump-florming bamboo, but if you want to restrict the plant's spread, plant it in a large container, or surround the roots with a non-perishable barrier.

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Eventual height & spread



Bought several plants to help hide an ugly boundary fence prior to selling house. Liked them so much will put them in new garden! New shoots popped up in no time. Very healthy and easy to look after.


North Wales


yes if I had more space


nice plant to grow int space, not instant impact, like most bamboos requires time (year or 2) to establish after moving, then it will grow fast




Good healthy specimen


One year on from being in a large terracotta pot and it's looking healthy. And growing well even after heavy snow, waiting for shoots too turn red.

John the gardener



Red Panda


Very beautiful bamboo. Red streaks complement my red bamboo fence and Indian red sandstone. Very hardy. Planted in a large whisky barrell




Perfect for small sensory garden


Used in a jungle themed sensory area and the children love the noise of the leaves rustling when the wind blows. It has stayed healthy in a pot but I expected it to grow slightly faster.

Little gardener



Excellent bamboo


This bamboo grew away very well and has doubled in height and girth each year from planting. Delicate, airy, leaves and stems. It has provided a good screen, planted in the ground, in front of a fence, in a semi-shaded, fairly dry corner of the patio. I chose this bamboo because I did not want a very tall or invasive variety, it may not have the striking coloured stems of other varieties but in other respects it is very satisfactory.




Nice Healthy plant


Arrived fast well packaged---Nice healthy looking plant---I really like it---will buy more bamboo


Newmarket Suffolk



4.4 7


Is it wise to plant Red Panda in a pot now (November). The location is a courtyard garden and the bamboo will be shady at the bottom (indirect light comes through glass steps) but light at the top - will Red Panda thrive in this place?


Hello Yes you can plant this bamboo now in a large pot and it will be fine as long as it is kept well watered, and through the growing season it is fed. It will tolerate partial shade but will need to have some sun and good light levels. My concern is that if it is too shady at the base and the light it high up it will be stretching to reach the light.


When is the best time to trim the top off the bamboo if I need to reduce the height?


Hello, These plants prefer not to be cut back, however if it needs to be done, then the best time to tackle it is in spring - although you may also need to give the new shoots a trim after they have unfurled in early summer.


How long would it take for this to grow to 6/7 foot? Would it be better in large pots on a patio or in the ground?


Hello, This is a very difficult questionto answer as the groth rate is largely determined by external factors such as the available water, light and nutrients. I would say however that it would ultimately be happier and grow faster if it is planted out in the ground.


how tall does this grow?


Hello there This plant can grow up to 4m tall eventually given the right conditions.

Can this bamboo tolerate a windy aspect? If not can you recommend another? It would also need to be suitable for growing in a planter. Thanks

Danger mouse

Hello, No, this bamboo prefers a sheltered spot, but we do sell Pseudosasa japonica, which will tolerate a more exposed position - please click on the following link to go straight to it (and do keep in mind it will spread!)


I would like to make a screen out of bamboo for a sunk patio. The bamboo will be East facing, protected from the wind, in shade and planted in a 150 cm X 30 Cm X 30 cm planter. Can you pls advise whether this bamboo is suitable for this purpose and how many pots I should purchase. Thank you


Hello, Most bamboos prefer a spot that gets a reasonable amount of sun, and although this is one of the more compact forms, your pots do sound pretty snug, so I would not really recommend it. A better option would be the Taxus (it tolerates shadier positions), although your pots still sound really small if you are trying to create a long term screen. You could certainly start them off in these (planting at 30cm intervals), however they will need a high level of maintenance (watering and feeding mainly), and they will need to be potted up into something larger in a year or two. Please click on the following link to go straight to them.


What is the best time of year to plant this type of bamboo? Would planting in mid/late June be too late?


Hello, The best times to plant are spring or autumn, although you can plant at any time of the year, provided the ground is not frozen or waterlogged. If you do plant during the warmer months, you will also need to make sure it is kept well watered.


Do you need to keep this bamboo in a plant pot to avoid it spreading or can you plant in the garden? Thanks


Hello there Fargesia Red Panda is not one of the invasive bamboos so it can be planted in the ground but I would still restrict the roots. We sell a bamboo control system, -I have attached a link below to this product. Hope this helps

I want a thin line of red panda (or other not too leafy bamboo) along a scruffy fence. How far would a 5 litre pot stretch?


Hello, Ideally I would not split this bamboo for another year or two, but then you may be able to create up to 4 separate plants. Given time, each plant can spread to around 1.5m, but you will need to be patient.


How big are they when purchased and how quickly do they grow. What would be a suitable container ie size and shape as I need screening on a patio Thanks

Burley Lass

Hello there The Fargesia 'Red Panda' in a 5lt pot will be approx 40-50cm tall. I would plant it in a large container at least 45cm diameter and deep, in a John Innes no 3 compost with a water retaining gel. Bamboos are really thirsty plants, so you will need to water it regularly and feed through the growing season. Regarding how fast this bamboo will grow, -it is classed as average to fast growing, but exactly how fast it grows will depend on many external factors such as light, water, aspect. Hope this helps

How to control diseases

Prevention is better than cure with diseases in the garden so keep your plants growing as strongly as possible – allowing them to fight off infections naturally. A weak plant is much more likely to fall prey than a good, sturdy one. Also be vigilant! Try

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