Eremurus × isabellinus 'Pinokkio'

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Buy Eremurus × isabellinus 'Pinokkio' foxtail lily bulb: Better in more exposed positions

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, sandy, well-drained soil, including alkaline soil
  • Rate of growth: fast
  • Flowering period: June to July
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    The elegant flowerspike of this cultivar is crowded with rusty orange buds opening to peach-flushed, golden-yellow flowers. A relatively compact form, it tolerates more exposed positions where it will put on an eye-catching display.

    Foxtail lilies need to be planted in fertile but well-drained soil with the crown not far below soil level. They start to grow in late winter and spring, gathering their strength before they produce their towering flower spikes in summer. Each flower spike has hundreds of flowers which open from the bottom upwards, creating a stunning effect. They thrive in the sunniest spot in the garden, especially if the base of the plant isn't shaded as this can decrease the number of flowering spikes produced.

  • Garden care: In September every three to five years carefully lift and divide congested clumps. Replant the strongest crown on a layer of sharp grit, spreading out the roots if you can, and cover them with a thin (5cm/2in) layer of soil. In frost-prone areas cover with a dry mulch of fern leaves.

  • CAUTION do not eat ornamental bulbs

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I would not buy this product again!


Planted these into pots and left them for about a month, then planted them outside using grit and they never came to anything....I even planted one in a very large pot I have and that was a failure!




Magnificent Eremurus


Unfortunately after creating a lovely garden from literally nothing - we are on the move again. The next one will be the very last and hopefully small enough to manage and enjoy despite the ravages of old bones!





3.5 2


Can I plant these in a large unused old fashion metal dustbin to be used as a feature in a south facing coastal front garden in Suffolk?


Hello, I'm afraid these do not flourish in coastal conditions, however you could consider one of the Kniphofias - please click on the following link to go straight to them.


Hi, I've just ordered a couple foxtail lilies in your bulb sale. Do I need to keep them until the Autumn before planting? If so what is the best way to store them? Many thanks

Garden girl

Hello, No, I would get them in the ground as soon as possible and you should see some growth this year.


I am interested in planting Eremurus(foxtail lilies) but from what I can find I should plant in the autumn/September/oct time. Life has delayed my purchase of said plant. What I really wish to know is if I buy some now/soon, am I ok to plant them or should I buy/store them till spring, or buy them in the new year, say marchtime??? Or am I doomed till next Autumn? Your help will be much apprieciated.


Hello there You can still plant them now, but this might mean that they flower a bit later next year. These plants are borderline hardy so you may need to protect when planted by covering with a dry mulch of fern leaves. Hope this helps.

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