bean (climbing French) 'Blue Lake'

climbing French bean or Phaseolus vulgaris 'Blue Lake'

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Buy bean (climbing French) 'Blue Lake' climbing French bean or Phaseolus vulgaris 'Blue Lake': Pencil-thin, stringless green beans

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: humus-rich, moisture retentive soil

    The perfect dual-purpose vegetable as it produces an abundant harvest of pencil-thin, stringless green beans with a fine, sweet flavour from early summer, and then the last few pods can be left on the plant to dry for white haricot beans to store. A climbing variety, making a decorative addition to any garden grown up a trellis or wigwam. A heirloom variety dating from 1885.

  • Growing Instructions:Sow three seeds to a 15cm pot in mid-April and keep well watered and warm until germination. Keep seedlings in a frost-free greenhouse or on a windowsill, potting them on as they grow, and once all threat of frost has passed harden off gradually before planting out. Protect young plants from slugs and support with hazel wigwams or trellis. If you sow a second batch of French beans in July it will provide a continuous harvest well into autumn.

  • Sow: April to May (or July for a late crop)

  • Harvest: July to September

  • Approximate quantity: 125 seeds.

  • Humans/Pets: Raw pods/beans harmful if eaten

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Tasty prolific beans


Very healthy plants grown from seeds. Lots of tasty, stringless beans. Grew 3 seedlings in patio pots for two of us. Blackfly invaded last year but didn't affect the plant or quality of beans. This year the plants haven't been as productive but it hasn't been as warm, no Blackfly though! Would definitely recommend this variety.




An unfailingly good bean an easy to grow.


This bean produces a good crop for a small family




Every one a winner


Every single bean that was planted produced lovely tasting produce





5.0 3


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Hello, The spores of this fungal disease will overwinter on nearby juniper plants, so unless you remove these Juniperus, the disease will keep on returning.


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