Bedding plants

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Fuchsia Mariska ('Bf01') (Bella Series) (PBR)

Buy Fuchsia Mariska ('Bf01') (Bella Series) (PBR):

Fuchsia 'Sarah' (Bella Series) (PBR)

Buy Fuchsia 'Sarah' (Bella Series) (PBR):

Lobelia 'Bedding Mixed'

Buy Lobelia 'Bedding Mixed': Zillions of tiny summer flowers

Lobelia 'Trailing Mixed'

Buy Lobelia 'Trailing Mixed': A firm favourite for tubs and hanging baskets

Lobelia erinus 'Sapphire' (Trailing)

Buy Lobelia erinus 'Sapphire' (Trailing): Intense, cascading colour

Petunia 'Fantasia Mixed'

Buy Petunia 'Fantasia Mixed': The flowers bounce back well after rain

Petunia 'Reflection Mix' (Frenzy Reflection Mix)

Buy Petunia 'Reflection Mix' (Frenzy Reflection Mix): An upright mix for summer colour

Stocks 'Fragrance Mixed'

Buy Stocks 'Fragrance Mixed': Deliciously scented flowers.

Pansy 'Matrix F1 Spring Select Mixed'

Buy Pansy 'Matrix F1 Spring Select Mixed': Colourful flat-faced flowers

Petunia 'Double Pirouette Mixed'

Buy Petunia 'Double Pirouette Mixed': Flowers look like frilly pompoms

Petunia 'Double Pirouette Rose'

Buy Petunia 'Double Pirouette Rose': Really big double flowers

Pansy Matrix F1 Autumn Select Mixed

Buy Pansy Matrix F1 Autumn Select Mixed: Bright colour throughout the winter months

Viola Sorbet F1 Mixed

Buy Viola Sorbet F1 Mixed: Outstanding garden performance

Viola Teardrops Mixed

Buy Viola Teardrops Mixed: Ideal for winter and spring hanging baskets

Pansy 'Coastal Sunrise Mixed'

Buy Pansy 'Coastal Sunrise Mixed': A scrummy blend of rich tones

Pansy 'Ocean Breaze Mixed Improved'

Buy Pansy 'Ocean Breaze Mixed Improved': A sublime colour mix

Hesperis matronalis

Buy Hesperis matronalis :

Viola 'Teardrops Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow'

Buy Viola 'Teardrops Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow':

Pansy 'Matrix Raspberry Sundae'

Buy Pansy 'Matrix Raspberry Sundae':

Impatiens 'DeZire Select Mixed'

Buy Impatiens 'DeZire Select Mixed':