Scented-leaved plants for pots

There are some basic rules to follow when choosing the right pot for your garden. The first is that it always looks much better if you go for the larger ones rather than lots of smaller ones. If it’s a pot filled with summer colour, like pelargoniums that are going to stand in the garden all summer, you can be adventurous and choose less-rugged materials such as a wicker, or galvanized metal and wire baskets - materials that will survive a summer or two, but not really hard weather.

Scented-leaved pelargoniums in pots, are less fussy about being watered and can usually manage with a twice a week regime. Their foliage is aromatic, so doesn’t scorch, and it’s the foliage that creates the spectacle because the flowers tend to be small and insignificant. Pelargonium ‘Grey Lady Plymouth’ has variegated divided foliage. Add the peppermint-scented
P. tomentosum, the softest and most-tactile scented leaved pelargonium of all, but be aware that this is a large, lax plant so position it at the back. ‘Orsett’ has showier mid-pink flowers blotched in maroon and ‘Lemon Fancy’ has bright-green divided foliage that exudes citrus.

Add a lemon verbena, for soothing lemon scent that clings to the hand every time it’s touched, and a splash of purple heliotrope to add depth. This needs to be at the front so that it can curtsey, but keep an eye out for slugs. They will seek it out as effectively as any Dalek and exterminate overnight!

Remember any plant grown in a pot will need feeding. For flowering plant opt for a tomato feed and water it every two weeks between late April and late August.