Weed-smothering - plant combination

weed-smothering plant combination

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Buy Weed-smothering - plant combination weed-smothering plant combination: Once established, these will help cut down on the weeds

Some of the plants in this collection will die right back in autumn, then fresh new growth will appear again in spring.

    Once established, these plants will form a dense carpet that will help stop weeds taking hold.

    In this collection you will receive one of each of the following varieties. They are all supplied in a 9cm pot.

    • Geranium 'Rozanne':Large (up to 5cm across), saucer-shaped, violet-blue flowers, each with a white eye, appear throughout the summer above the mounds of slightly-marbled, deep green foliage. Perfect for underplanting roses, or filling a few gaps in the front of a border, it copes well in full sun or partial shade. Grows to 60cm.

    • Campanula portenschlagiana:Spreading mounds of deep purple, funnel-shaped flowers smother the evergreen leaves from midsummer. These low-growing Dalmatian bellflowers look wonderful cascading over a sunny, well-drained, rock garden or raised bed, used as edging or tucked in between paving stones or a dry-stone wall. This campanula is very vigorous, so it's best planted away from smaller, less competitive plants. Grows to 15cm.

    • Vinca minor 'Atropurpurea':Pairs of dark green leaves develop along the long trailing stems, eventually creating a dense mat of rich green foliage that can be used to help keep weeds at bay. The 5-petalled flowers, which appear on long stalks, are a rich shade of plum-purple. Grows to 15cm.

    • Thymus serphyllum 'Pink Chintz':This mat-forming thyme produces a mass of clear pink flowers in summer. It's an ideal ground cover plant for a sunny border or rock garden. Useful for attracting bees and other beneficial pollinating insects into the garden, the aromatic grey-green leaves release a lovely scent whenever they are trodden on. Grows to 25cm.

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