Spires and spots plant combination

Spires and spots plant combination

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Buy Spires and spots plant combination Spires and spots plant combination: A soothing blend with structural interest

The plants in this collection will die right back in autumn, then fresh new growth will appear again in spring.

    Strong structural forms always hold the eye and will help add greater interest to a mixed border. The cool tones of the flowers in this collection are also very soothing. Plant in a sunny spot and expect colour over several months from midsummer.

    In this collection you will receive one of each of the following varieties, each in a 9cm pot.

  • Veronicastrum virginicum 'Fascination'
    Upright, leafy stems are topped with candelabra-like racemes of lilac-blue flowers from midsummer. Tall and elegant plants, which are valuable for adding colour and interest towards the back of the border, their silhouette will remain interesting well into winter. Grows to 1.8m.

  • Verbena bonariensis
    For several months from midsummer, the tall, upright stems of this much-loved perennial are topped with clusters of tiny lilac-purple flowers. It is ideal for adding height without density, and it makes an excellent filler in the border, because its stiff stems will help support neighbouring plants that might otherwise need staking. Verbena bonariensis also mixes well with ornamental grasses, while its nectar-rich flowers will help sustain bees and butterflies well into autumn. Grows to 2m.

  • Agastache 'Blackadder'
    Hyssops are great for adding height to a border, with whorls of long-lasting, tiny flowers arranged like a bottlebrush, and pointed, aromatic fresh green leaves that are attractive to butterflies. They are short-lived though, and may need replacing every few years, especially after a cold or wet winter. 'Black Adder' has smoky, violet flowers on long spires from July to October. Try it as part of a Mediterranean scheme or in a sunny, well-drained border among ornamental grasses. Grows to 90cm.

  • Planting tips: Prepare the bed well by digging in lots of composted organic matter before you plant. For best results it is essential that the plants are kept well watered for the first year, particularly during warmer weather.

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