Papaver (Oriental Group) 'Beauty of Livermere'

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Buy Papaver (Oriental Group) 'Beauty of Livermere' oriental poppy: Huge, bright red flowers on tall stems

This perennial dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: moist, well-drained
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Flowering period: May to July
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    A really exuberant oriental poppy, with sumptuous, large pillar-box red flowers in early summer and downy, mid green leaves. The silky tissue-paper petals of this tall, strong-stemmed poppy are splashed with black and each flower has a dark, velvety centre. Although the flowers of all oriental poppies are ephemeral, they are easy to grow, bring a zing to any planting scheme and each plant will produce several flowers. If cut back after flowering, they may even produce a second flush. Plant in a sunny border, alongside grasses or late summer-flowering perennials, which will provide interest when the plant has died back.

  • Garden care: Cut back to ground level after flowering. Lift and divide large clumps in autumn.

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Ordered 3 9cm pots and, yes, they do look more like plugs but hopefully they'll flourish & thrive. Well packaged and in good condition when they arrived.






Very disappointed at the size of the plants it is true they were in 9cm pots but the actual size of the plants were small plug plants I expected better for the price save your money go to the local garden centre




Lovely velvety poppy


This poppy is really attractive and the petals look like rich velvet.






To add to my original review (19/12/2018). The Poppy has flourished since I shifted its position, and is now looking superb. Thus I put its disapointing first preformance down to poor soil (heavy clay) and last years extreme heat/drought. The flowers are now huge, and there are numerous buds coming, offering real stature to the garden...The bees also seem drawn to it this year too. A magnificent plant.






Turned out to be a far darker red that expected, thus didn't give out the brilliant red shine I had seen with other varieties of Oriental Poppy. Also didn't last very long, compared to Patty's Plum. Bees ignored it too, as the flowers (only had two) didn't seem to open as well as Patty's either.





3.8 5


If i get Beauty of Livermere now should i plant it outside straight away?


Hello there As a general rule fully hardy plants that are grown in containers can be planted at any time of year as long as the soil isn't frozen solid. The best times are in the autumn when the soil is still warm enough to encourage root growth but the plant isn't in active growth, or the spring before the temperatures start to rise. This plant is fully hardy so it can be planted out in the garden now, but as this is a young plant in a 9cm container, you might want to pot it up into a larger pot first. Hope this helps

I planted my poppy late last year and had a couple of lovely flowers on it but this year the flower is very low to the ground. Is there a problem with the plant or is it the result of unseasonable weather?


Hello, Some plants have been affected by the unusually dry spring, and I suspect this might be the underlying reason for this stunted growth. Just keep an eye on the watering and I suspect there will be no long term damage done.


I have just received my Goliath poppy plant and was wondering when I can plant it outside ,many thanks


Hello, These plants are fully hardy so can be planted outside now. The only thing you will need to avoid is excessive winter wet. I hope this helps,


Can I grow Tricyrtis formosana 'Dark Beauty' in a pot and Poppies at the bottom of the garden? Hi, We have a tiny North facing shaded garden and I'm looking for some Autumn colour for our patio. Can I grow Tricyrtis formosana 'Dark Beauty' in a pot? If so how big should the pot be? If not can you recommend something else please? Also I'd love to grow some poppies, we get a fair amount of sunshine in the spring and summer at the very end of the garden will I be able to grow Papaver orientale 'Perry's White' and Papaver orientale 'Effendi' here? Thank you Sally

Sally Reay

Hello Sally, These do well in pots, and I would say one about 40 x 40cm filled with John Innes No2 would be suitable. As for the poppies, these flower best in full sun, but they will also grow in a little light shade. I'm afraid though it may be trial and error to see if your spot is sunny enough. I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk

Advice on planting your pre-designed Red Summer border Dear sir/madam I am particularly interested in buying the Red Summer Pre Designed Border. Please can you tell me whether these plants are suitable for planting in conjunction with weed inhibiting fabric. I want to minimise the amount of weeding required. Many thanks for your help Ruth

Ruth Hamilton

Hello Ruth, You can plant these into the weed supressing fabric without any trouble at all, provided you make sure the fabric allows the water to drain through. All you need to do is cut big crosses into the fabric and peel back the edges to plant and then fold back the edges again. I hope this helps.

Crocus Helpdesk


Indulge a passion for ornamental grasses by creating a prairie- or meadow-style garden. They can be richly planted with native wildflowers or a selection of complementary perennials and self-seeding annuals to create a naturalistic planting effect.

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