Nandina domestica Obsessed ('Seika') (PBR)

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Buy Nandina domestica Obsessed ('Seika') (PBR) heavenly bamboo: Great for patio pots and shrub borders

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: moist but well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: July
  • Hardiness: frost hardy (needs winter protection in cold areas)

    This compact evergreen shrub is primarily grown for its handsome foliage, which if grown in full sun, is a fiery shade of red when it first emerges in spring, before turning a rich green as it ages. The conical clusters of white flowers it produces in midsummer are also pretty and add further to the plant's appeal. A good choice for patio pots where it will provide year-round interest, it also makes an interesting (and colourful) addition to the front of a shrub border.

  • Garden care: In mid or late spring lightly cut back any shoots that spoil the symmetry of the plant.

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Eventual height and spread
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bought for a gift for a friend who was very pleased


This was a gift for a friend after we had admired them at the Garden Museum in Lambeth. She was very happy with it.




Good Plant


This was a decent sized plant and very healthy on arrival. It is planted in the garden but would have been fine in a patio pot also. Came through the difficult winter and has been fine through this hot summer but I have watered it.

dog lady



Lovely splash of colour


I have 2 Nandina's in my small London garden and they add colour and interest throughout the year




I would. Buy this product again


Planted in pot, the autumn red colour is stunning

Lydia the Lady



4.5 4


how big are the plants when they arrive


Hello there This plant in a 2lt pot will be approx 20cm tall.

What is the height and spread of Nandina domestica obsessed (Seika)


Hello, This plant grows to around 70cm tall x 60cm wide.


The roots on the obsession plant I have don't seem to be growing and although it is still alive the leaves are dropping off. I have i had it for about 2 years.


Hello, It is difficult to determine why this is happening from your description, however it does sound as though the plant has not settled into its new home very happily. If there are no signs of pests or diseases, then there must be a problem with the growing conditions, so I would try to make sure the soil is not too heavy or wet for any length of time, and the plant gets a good feed and plenty of water throughout the summer.


Hi, Is Nandina Domestica Obsessed safe for Rabbits to eat or would it be poisonous if nibbled? thanks


Hello, I'm afraid I am not an expert on rabbits, but I have done a search on the internet and found the following list.. I'm afraid heavenly bamboo is listed there, so it's probably not a suitable plant to use.


Can you tell me if Nandina Domestica Obsessed has red berries after the white flowers. Thank you.

Jenny H

Hello, I'm afraid this form does not produce berries.

Can you please tell me soil type for this shrub, is it better to be in ground or a pot.?

keen amateur gardener

Hello there This pretty shrub will grow happily in the ground or a container, and isn't fussy about the soil as long as it is kept moist, but well drained. Hope this helps.

I see the common name for Nandina is heavenly bamboo, does this mean it spreads in the same way that bamboo does?


Hello there No Nandina does not have the habit of a bamboo. 'Heavenly bamboo' is it's common name. Hope this helps.

Nandina obsessed how big will it grow


Hello there This nandina can grow to approx 70cm tall eventually given the right conditions. Hope this helps.

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