Jasminum officinale Devon Cream (PBR)

jasmine ( syn. Jasminum Clotted Cream )

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3 lt pot (60cm cane) £23.99
available to order from autumn
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Buy Jasminum officinale Devon Cream (PBR) jasmine ( syn. Jasminum Clotted Cream ): A new variety with large, cream flowers

This climber is deciduous so it will lose all its leaves in autumn, then fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Flowering period: June to August
  • Hardiness: frost hardy (needs winter protection)

    A superb cream-coloured form of the much-loved common jasmine, but with larger flowers and even more fragrance. This versatile, deciduous climber appreciates a sheltered, sunny, well-drained site, and can cope with dry conditions. Since it spreads quickly in all directions, it's ideal for covering a large south or west-facing wall or an unsightly garden building. To best appreciate the fragrant flowers, choose a site close to a house entrance or well-used path. In small gardens, it is best planted in a pot and trained up a trellis or wall.

  • Garden care: Plant Jasminum in a warm, sunny and sheltered location which helps to bring out the sweet fragrance of the flowers. If the soil is well-drained, it will cope with partial shade and colder positions, though it may suffer from frost damage in colder winters. When planting, add some soil conditioner (well-rotted compost) to the planting hole and some mycorrhizal fungi to aid root establishment. Grow Jasminum against appropriate support such as trellis or wires attached to walls and fences. Tie the shoots into their support as they grow.

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Notes on Jasminum officinale Devon Cream (PBR)

"Soft-cream flowers, larger than usual, pack a more powerful scent on this softly-toned climber for a warm place - sensational close to purple viticella clematis like ‘Etoile Violette"

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Gorgeous creamy yellow colour


Lovely alternative to the usual white jasmines

Ingrid H



I would by this product again


Planted it close to seating area then we can enjoy the fragrance




Fantastic scent and flowers every year


This Jasmine never fails to impress with stunning scent and blooms every year. A great plant that just looks after itself. Thank you Crocus.




Pretty but untidy grower


A pretty plant but it is quite an untidy grower. Hard to train up a fence




Vigorous and fragrant


Has grown like gangbusters. A shorter flowering season than I expected, but the bees loved it and the whole terrace smelt gorgeous. The colour and leaf shape of the plant make it look attractive even when not in flower. It is also out-competing all other plants nearby, even weeds.




Isolde buy from Crocus again


I bought a Jasmine from Crocus a couple of years ago when we moved house and needed to cover a new fence. I was so pleased with the plant that I then bought another 2 of the same last year. All plants have been very successful and I am hopeful that this year the flowers on the Jasmine will look spectacular as my fence is now nicely covered with the spreading Jasmine.




Rapid growth


Strong plant that grew rapidly in the first season. The fragrant flowers are wonderful. Expertly packed and shipped as per usual.




Quality Plant


As with all crocus plants I have received they are always in excellent condition, always last and are described.

The dog lady



Bought this as a present to myself.


Bought this Jasmine April 2017 and as suggested planted near to the back wall in sunny position,in well draining soil. Very pleased with it. Vigorous growth and the scent is lovely both in the early morning and evening.




Would definitely recommend..


Very pleased with this beautiful plant I purchased as a wee surprise for my Sister's 50th as she loves Jasmine...very well packaged and labelled to what was inside the box, so no damage..Infact the packaging was excellent..very pleased, thank you Crocus..5*

Not Charlie Dimmock

Glasgow, Scotland



4.8 11


Would this clematis be happy if planted to grow/ scramble through a large Buddleia?


Hello, It is not an ideal combination as to get the best from the Buddleja, it should be cut back hard each year in early spring - and therefore the jasmine would lose its support.


I bought this plant years ago and it grow and flowered. My garden was redone and I had to move it a year and a half ago. It now no longer flowers, it does grow leaves so I know it's alive but I dont think it liked the move. Is there anything I can do to help it flower again?


These are summer flowering plants, so it is still too early to tell if it will flower this year, however if the top growth was cut back for the move, then this could be the reason that it didn't flower last year. To encourage good flowering, you should make sure it is planted in a warm, sunny spot, and avoid over-feeding.


I bought this a couple of weeks ago and put it straight in the ground - we've had really hard frost and the plants new leaves are looking very sad - should I prune these off - or has the plant had it?


Hello, No, if it is just the new foliage that has been affected, then you can give it a trim to neaten it up and it should be fine.


I purchased this plant this year, it has yet to flower. The leaves are now going brown, I wondered if t his is a normal autumnal occasion or if it is dying, I can't see any sign of pests. I would hate to lose it and would be grateful for you advice. Thank you Marion


Hello, I am not sure when you purchased your jasmine, but the lack of flowers could be caused by a number of things including a lack of water, light and nutrients, or the plant simply focusing its energies on putting on root growth. Given time and the right conditions however there is no reason why it wont produce flowers. As for the brown leaves, this is a deciduous plant, so it does lose its leaves at this time of the year. Do keep in mind however that it is not fully hardy, so may need some protection (moving to a more sheltered spot or covering with fleece) during the winter months.


Are these plants safe for children? And are the leaves evergreen? Thank you


Hello there This climber is not listed as poisonous to humans by the RHS, but even so it could still give you a stomach upset or discomfort if eaten, as can many other garden plants. No it isn't evergreen. Hope this helps.

Hi - how tall will these plants be if I buy them? It only says the pot size?


Hello there These plants in a 3lt pot will be approx 60cm tall when delivered.

Hello, I apologise for the stupid question - but if ordered now, does the plant you deliver come with flowers? Thank you


Hello there This climber normally flowers between June to August, so it wouldn't be in flower now, but unfortunately we never can guarantee that any of our plants will be delivered with flowers.

Hi there. You say it grows well in a pot; what size pot would be best please? Annie x


Hello there I would plant it in a large pot approx 50cm, in a John Innes no 2 or 3 compost, with good drainage, and make sure it is well watered, and fed during the growing season with a high potash fertiliser.

Are the black berries harmful


Hello there There does seem to some conflicting information on this. Culivated Jasmines rarely produce berries in the UK according to the RHS, but it does seem that they could be poisonous, so as with any other plant, if you are unsure about if the fruits are edible, I definitely would not eat them. Hope this helps

Star Jasmine Hi There, I have a Star Jasmine that was planted in 2007. It's has been in the same spot since then and the vine itself has grown but I have never had a single flower. Obviously I bought the plant to try and get the lovely scent in the garden. I'm a bit baffled as the plant seems to love the spot it's in. I just thought by now I'd have seen some flowers. Can you suggest anything to help it flower?

Joanna Bryan

There are a number of reasons why plants don't flower including too much shade, not enough water or nutrients, or pruning at the wrong time of the year. It can also be caused by the plant putting on new root growth instead of focusing its energies on producing flowers. I am not really sure why yours has not produced buds, but you can often give them a bit of a push by feeding with a high potash fertiliser such as Tomorite.

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