Helleborus (Rodney Davey Marbled Group) Penny's Pink ('Abcrd01') (PBR)

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Buy Helleborus (Rodney Davey Marbled Group) Penny's Pink ('Abcrd01') (PBR) hellebore: Tons of really big flowers

This perennial is semi-evergreen so it can lose some of its leaves in winter. In colder regions or more exposed gardens, it may lose them all, but then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

  • Position: partial shade
  • Soil: neutral to alkaline, freely draining soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: February to April
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    This is a relatively new cultivar that is a prolific bloomer. It produces its whopping flat-faced flowers (up to 7cm across) from late winter to mid-spring above the silver-marbled foliage. Use it to drift beneath trees and shrubs, or line a partially shaded pathway with it - you won’t be disappointed.

  • Garden care: Add lots of well-rotted leaf mould or organic matter to the planting hole. Apply a generous 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of well-rotted organic matter around the base of the plant in autumn and provide a top-dressing of general fertiliser each spring.

  • Harmful if eaten/skin irritant

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Fantastic Hellebore


I've used this Hellebore alongside its sister plant Hellebores 'Anna's Red' - it is a stunning plant with beautiful well formed deep pink flowering cups and lovely marbled foliage. A really reliable performer which increases in size and beauty each year. Growth is quite upright and flowers are held high on the stems, flowers gradually fade but still look beautiful and I usually remove all spent flowers in June.

Judy Shardlow



Helleborus (Rodney Davey Marbled Group) Penny's Pink ('Abcrd01') (PBR) (Frostkiss Series)

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I bought three Helleborus plants a year ago now, and they have not flowers. Is this unusual?


Hello there There can be various reasons why they might not have flowered but given the right conditions they should flower. Hellebores grow best in a moist soil with lots of organic matter in partial shade. So I would apply a generous 5-7cm mulch of well-rotted organic matter around the base of the plant in autumn and a top-dressing of a general fertiliser each spring. Hope this helps

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