Daphne Perfume Princess ('Dapjur01') (PBR)

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Buy Daphne Perfume Princess ('Dapjur01') (PBR) daphne: Large, highly scented flowers

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: moderately fertile, well-drained, humus-rich soil
  • Rate of growth: average to fast
  • Flowering period: January to March
  • Hardiness: borderline hardy (may need winter protection)

    This great hybrid has larger flowers than many of its contemporaries, and their scent is divine! They form in clusters in the leaf axils along the length of the stems, so when in bloom they really put on a great show, and if a stem is cut for the vase, it will fill the room with their perfume. Mainly evergreen, the leaves are lustrous and green, so will add structure and form all through the year. It's perfect for a partially shady border, or a woodland garden.

  • Garden care: Keep pruning to a minimum since the plant is susceptible to die-back. Where necessary after flowering, lightly trim to remove misplaced branches and maintain a compact habit.

  • Humans/Pets: TOXIC if eaten; skin irritant

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Bought in July 2020, planted in large pot with ericaceous soil. Wanted a Daphne that can tolerate sun. Seems like it was doing well. That year it snowed and the plant did not recover. Was west facing.




Novice gardener. They are doing brilliantly


I bought these 3 years ago. They were little things and I wondered how this was going to work as I am a novice gardener and our soil isn't great. The first year they didn't flower. Last year one of them flowered and the smell was beautiful and the flowers lasted for months. This year they have really grown and I am expecting them both to flower. They both look very healthy and strong.




simply beautiful


Has been in flower since December, now May. Very attractive waxy flowers, the plant itself is beautiful enough however when the flowers open their scent is superb. Not demanding, remove the odd yellowing leaf, feed with seaweed if needed, mulch, if it needs nutrients the plant will tell you, don't over water it. Our garden is very windy, we get -10 C in winter, Daphne has never been affected. Can be grown in a large container if lack room is an issue. Thank you Crocus for selling extraordinary healthy plants.



would buy again


Beautiful and in flower. First success with this plant




It is very small and is a slow growing shrub.


It is too small yet to plant in the garden. So, it's growing in apogee. No flowers this year but hoping for some next year.

June's Jungle



Daphne - be prepared for failure


In July 2016 I purchased 2 Daphne Perfume Princess plants which arrived looking healthy and were almost immediately planted out into good soil. Up until mid autumn they looked healthy and put on the flowering shoots that blossom in February and which have a strong and attractive scent. Unfortunately, in October one of the plants drooped badly overnight and did not recover. Eventually I removed it but could find no evidence of what had caused its failure. I spoke to a professional gardener who told me that he had had a similar experience when two out of five plants failed, so be warned, as this is a quite expensive plant !!

sixty years a gardener

West London


Smells wonderful


This has been in flower since early January and shows no sign of flagging in late Feb. It's been in the garden for two years and this is the first year of flowering.

C Cope



highly recomended


plant with winter bulbs.




I don't recommend this product


A real let down as none of the three plants purchased flowered. A rare failure from Crocus

Wye Wanderer



Bought as present


I bought this as a present for an elderly friend who had always wanted one. She was thrilled and has not reported any problems x





3.9 10


When do they flower and for how long? Will the pot I buy be in flower?


They flower between January and March, so if bought outside of this period, then no they won't be in flower. I would anticipate these to be in flower for two-three weeks.


do they need sopport??


Hello, No, these plants tend to have self-supporting stems, so do not need additional support.


Can these plants be grown successfully in pots?


Hello, I have seen them growing in pots, however they are much happier in the ground where their roots can settle in.


Daphnes - capricious creatures with charisma

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Daphnes are highly scented and those that flower in late-spring and early summer are among the easiest to grow. If you haven’t grown a daphne before, opt for Daphne odora ‘Aureomarginata’. This will produce a low-growing, wide evergreen mound (roughly a

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