Dark and sultry

Dark, sultry tulips such as 'Queen of Night’ will disappear against the bare earth unless they are mixed with golds, pinks or pallid-yellows. Good golds to weave through dark tulips include 'Cairo' and 'Abu Hassan' and these work well with 'Jan Reus' a dark-red Triumph. Pinks and red-pinks could include the bright pinks ('Mistress', 'Don Quichotte' and 'Barcelona’) the red viridiflora  'Doll’s Minuet’, the pearly coral-pink 'New Design’ and the purple-flecked 'Shirley’.

The purple tulip 'Negrita’ is excellent used with the white flecked 'Shirley’ (which opens to cream at first - so don’t panic) either as a duo, or mixed with pinks.