Sedums - late summer jewels

Essential plants for adding late summer sparkle to the garden, Sedums will also attract beneficial insects including bees and butterflies. Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’, a red-flowered sedum that has neatly crimped dark foliage with a satin sheen. This sedum doesn’t do the splits and divide like the Red Sea either: it stays compact reaching between two and three feet. The foliage is dusky from the start and the flowers begin to appear in August, rather than in September as most sedums do. Discovered as a small seedling by nurseryman Graham Gough of Marchant’s Plants, who also named ‘Red Cauli’. Both are bee friendly, but the foliage of ‘Red Cauli’ is not as dusky. Finally the plump leaves of the pigeon-grey Sedum ‘Matrona’ add wonderful substance to any sunny border, especially when placed next to a pink diascia such as ‘Blush Pink’.

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