Terracotta arc pot

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A low pot with gently angled sides that provides a generous planting area, which is suitable for a wide range of salad crops, seasonal bedding or alpine plants. Hand-thrown in Turkey, this pot has classic good looks and has an excellent resistance to frost damage.


  • Salad- width 59cm x height 32cm
  • Rosemary - width 53cm x height 45cm
  • Shrub - width 62cm x height 57cm

    We think these classic, unfussy designs work best in an English garden. Although the inspiration came from Tuscany, the pots have been made in Turkey. They are hand thrown (sometimes from 2 pieces of clay for the larger pots) by Argun and his son who are the 3rd and 4th generation of potters from the Izmir region on the Aegean coast. The clay from this area ages to a lovely patina, as the salts slowly leach to the surface.

    Each pot is fired to 1080 degrees C (to make it as frost proof as possible) and has an extra large drainage hole in the base.

    Available in more than one size. All sizes sold separately.
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