At crocus, we have over 30 different sizes of pots that plants and trees
are grown in.

Plug plants

Baby plants (most commonly bedding or vegetables) are sold as plugs. These are ideal for getting a head start on the season as they can be potted up and grown on (usually in a greenhouse) before they are planted out in the garden. These offer great value for money, particularly if you have lots of beds to fill.


9cm pots will house young plants that are approximately 1 year old. Traditionally herbs and perennials were sold in these pots, but these days it is not unusual to find shrubs in them too. For those on a budget, they offer a great alternative to the standard 2 litre pot.

2 or 3 litre

This is the size most commonly used for shrubs and perennials. They are popular because plants in these pots are small enough to establish quickly, but large enough to make an impact in their first year.

4 litre

This size is commonly used for roses. The pots tend to be deeper than the 3 litre ones, so are excellent for plants which like to put their roots down.
10 litre

Many nurseries use these pots for trees or 'specimen' plants. Specimen plants are a little larger, usually having been potted up and grown on from a 2 or 3 litre pot in the previous year.
15 litre

This is the size for trees and semi-mature shrubs. Shrubs in these pots are great for impatient gardeners as they will quickly fill large gaps in the border and provide instant impact.

50 litre

Big plants, like those we use in our Chelsea show gardens, come in 50 litre pots. Unfortunately they are too heavy for us to ship so we do not sell them on the site, but you may be able to pick them up on one of our open days.