lettuce 'Red Salad Bowl'

lettuce (loose-leaf)

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  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile and moisture retentive

    The gorgeous red-tinged bronze leaves of this lovely loose-leaf lettuce are deeply lobed, like an oak leaf, and look very pretty in salads. This reliable variety will tolerate some hot weather and is very slow to bolt. It's also a cut-and-come-again type, so you can pick the outer leaves over several weeks and the heart continues producing more. Alternate plants with 'Green Salad Bowl' lettuces for a pretty and colourful edging in flowerbeds and decorative veg gardens.

  • Growing Instructions:Sow into trays or modules in the greenhouse or on a windowsill and harden off before planting out. Or sow direct in shallow drills where they are to grow, either in containers or in the open ground, thinning seedlings to 15cm apart. Protect from slugs and cover early sowings with a cloche.

  • Sow: March-July

  • Harvest: May-September

  • Approximate quantity: 1200 seeds.

perpetual spinach

perpetual spinach

A super-reliable cut and come again crop

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sorrel red veined

Salad leaves red-veined sorrel

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lettuce 'Little Gem'

lettuce (cos)

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Large polytunnel cloche

Large polytunnel cloche

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Ventilated kitchen garden cloche

Ventilated kitchen garden cloche

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Timber grow bed

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misticanza mixed salad leaves

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Everything you need for the salad bowl!

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