RHS Supreme green lawn seed with rootgrow

lawn seed with rootgrow

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The first (and currently the only) grass seed and soil treatment to be licensed by The Royal Horticultural Society.

Supreme Velvet lawn seed is suitable for creating new lawns, or for overseeding and repairing worn patches in established lawns. It contains a special blend of perennial ryegrass, chewings fescue, strong creeping red fescue and browntop bent. These grasses become established very quickly, and have been chosen because of their natural toughness and vitality. They will produce a good-looking and hard wearing lawn that will cope easily with everyday family use.

This lawn seed comes with 'rootgrow' mycorrhizal fungi. This beneficial fungi is something that slowly builds up in established lawns, helping them take up nutrients from the soil. When used in conjuction with the seed, it will ensure the new lawn gets off to a flying start by increasing the uptake of water and nutrients, make it more resistant to patching and reduce the effects of compaction.

This premium lawn seed, together with the mycorrhizal fungi, provides all you need for excellent results every time.

The lawn mix is made up of 30% Lollium perennis 'Platinum' - a perennial ryegrass, 40% Festuca rubra 'Rossinante' - a strong creeping red and 30% Lollium perennis 'Sirtaky' - another perennial ryegrass.

For best results, sow from March to September.

1kg will cover upto 25m2 for a new lawn or 35m2 when using as a patch and repair pack

Empathy is about making a choice to garden with minimal use of chemicals whilst maximising plant growth and health. Empathy products are biological, they will benefit your plants not just over a few months but through their lifetime and are designed to treat the soil as well as the plant. Empathy supports the RHS mission for 'Sharing the best in Gardening'.

No trim lawn edge tiles

No trim lawn edge tiles

Traditional Victorian rope lawn edge design

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