Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light'

silver grass

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This fine detail grass catches the light to give a soft silvered effect in an open position. Particularly effective when threaded amongst strong-coloured daisies in a late summer border.

Chris Marchant - Orchard Dene Nurseries

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  • Position: open sunny position
  • Soil: moderately-fertile, moist but well-drained
  • Rate of growth: average. Achieves 150-180cm when mature
  • Flowering period: flowers appear in October after warm summers
  • Flower colour: reddish brown, fading to silver over time
  • Other features:stands well through the winter
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    A species of hardy, perennial grasses originating in China. Their clump-forming habit, with no invasive spreading rhizomes, is easily contained within gardens of all sizes. A number of excellent breeding programmes in Europe and the USA over the past 25 years have developed varieties better-able to offer reliable flowering displays in cooler, European summers. Miscanthus 'Morning Light' is a selected sport from Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus, and is a particularly elegant and versatile form. Slender emerald green blades have narrow cream margins, arching gently at their tips to create a 'fountain' effect. In warm summers, reddish brown flowers open in October and endure through the winter.

  • Garden care: Leave top growth standing through winter. Cut back to ground level late February as new shoots appear within the crown.

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