Gardenia jasminoides 'Kleim's Hardy'


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  • Position: partial shade
  • Soil: prefers moist, well-drained neutral to acidic soil
  • Flowering period: July to September
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Other features: heavenly scented blooms
  • Hardiness: frost hardy (may need winter protection)

    Few flowers have a more exotic fragrance than these. They appear in mid summer and autumn abover the glossy, dark green leaves and fill the air with their heady scent. This is a hardier type than most, so it can survive outside in milder winters in sheltered gardens, but will need protection in colder parts of the country.

  • Garden care: Keep it potted up if your garden receives hard frosts so it can easily be moved between a sunny patio during the summer and an unheated conservatory or greenhouse in winter. Feed with a balanced liquid feed once a month and water freely with soft water during the growing season, but keep the compost reasonably dry throughout winter. Topdress or pot on in using ericaceous compost and lightly trim over-long shoots in mid to late spring.

Myrtus communis subsp.tarentina


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