1 year plant guarantee

  1. We are so confident about the health of all our lovely plants that we are prepared to offer a 1 year guarantee on anything that the RHS classifies as ‘hardy’. Hardy effectively means anything that should survive a normal English winter. This means all hardy shrubs, trees and perennials are covered - but biennials and annuals (for obvious reasons*) and anything that is a bit ‘soft’ are not.
    As hardiness is often difficult to assess, look for our stamp on the plant description to check that it is covered. Because we want to record any problems with our plant quality, we will need you to take a picture of the plant that has died, and send it, along with your reference number, to customerservices@crocus.co.uk. We will then either refund you, or replace the plant (there will be a delivery charge).
    However, if we think that the plant has died due to lack of watering or proper horticultural care (left out in the sun for 2 weeks before it is planted, for example) , or if the plant has been infected by an airborne pest or disease that has blown in from your neighbours garden, we will not replace it.**

    *an annual only lives for 1 year!
    ** OK, there is a ‘quibble’, but we think a reasonable one!