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Artificial asplenium hanging ball

£24.99 £22.49
Buy Artificial asplenium hanging ball: Realistic maintenance-free artificial fern

Artificial boston fern potted

£34.99 £31.49
Buy Artificial boston fern potted : Beautifully realistic fern

Artificial gardenia potted

£39.99 £35.99
Buy Artificial gardenia potted: Enjoy year-round gardenias with no maintenance

Artificial grass with soil and sand

£19.99 £17.99
Buy Artificial grass with soil and sand: Rugged artificial grass in a soil and sand base

Artificial lavender and trailing ivy hanging basket

Buy Artificial lavender and trailing ivy hanging basket : Never have to worry about watering this basket

Artificial lavender potted

£21.99 £19.79
Buy Artificial lavender potted: Vibrant realistic lavender display

Artificial magnolia potted

£74.99 £67.49
Buy Artificial magnolia potted: Elegant magnolia display in a weathered clay pot

Artificial new english rose

£19.99 £10.49
Buy Artificial new english rose: Faux English Rose

Artificial phalaenopsis

Buy Artificial phalaenopsis : Elegant single orchid stem made from durable plastic

Artificial potted hanging ivy

£24.99 £22.49
Buy Artificial potted hanging ivy: Realistic potted ivy display with rustic rope hanger

Artificial potted lavender

£12.99 £11.69
Buy Artificial potted lavender: Realistic lavender display made from durable plastic

Artificial rose potted

£9.99 £8.99
Buy Artificial rose potted: Beautifully realistic potted rose

Bee body and bath set

£26.99 £24.29
Buy Bee body and bath set: Bee-autiful gift sets for any bee enthusiast!

Bee calm votive candle gift set

£26.99 £24.29
Buy Bee calm votive candle gift set: Box set of 3 calming candles made with natural essential oils

Bee happy diffuser refill 100ml

£16.99 £15.29
Buy Bee happy diffuser refill 100ml: Refill oil for use with our Beefayre diffusers

Build your own bird feeder gift set

Buy Build your own bird feeder gift set: Perfect gift for creative bird lovers

Calendar seed storage box

Buy Calendar seed storage box: Keep track of what seeds need sowing

Cast aluminium rabbit

Buy Cast aluminium rabbit: A decorative and stylish garden friend

Cast iron sundial

Buy Cast iron sundial: A large and eye catching sundial

Church window mirror

Buy Church window mirror: Create the perfect illusion of space

Dolly tub


English fine soaps gift set

£21.99 £15.39

Fabric flower bunch


Glass LED starfish bottle

£12.99 £11.69

Helenium flower stake


Jute bottle vase x 3

£8.99 £8.09

Kitchen jar candle

£19.99 £17.99

Leaf platter


Poppy flower stake


Poppy seed head stake - tall


Pot with hanger


Pothanger - dog


Pothanger - mouse


Pothanger - rabbit


Pothanger - squirrel


Raffia mesh food cover

£9.99 £8.99

RHS lead cube


Rope lantern