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Agapanthus africanus

Buy Agapanthus africanus : Wonderful globes of blue flowers from midsummer


Buy rosemary: A deliciously aromatic favourite

rosemary 'Miss Jessopp's Upright'

Buy rosemary 'Miss Jessopp's Upright': Lavender-blue flowers

thyme - Silver Posie

Buy thyme - Silver Posie: An excellent ground cover

sage purple

Buy sage purple: Attractive red-purple young leaves

Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'

Buy Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote': A compact lavender, with intense, violet flowers

chamomile - roman

£1.99 £1.59
20% off selected seeds
Buy chamomile - roman: A creeping, scented carpet

sage common

Buy sage common : A good companion plant


£1.99 £1.59
20% off selected seeds
Buy heartease: A very pretty garnish to puddings and salads

cranberry 'Pilgrim'

Buy cranberry 'Pilgrim': An arching shrub with tart tasting berries

rhubarb 'Raspberry Red'

Buy rhubarb 'Raspberry Red': Produces high quality deep red stems of rhubarb

borage - white borage

£2.49 £1.99
20% off selected seeds
Buy borage - white borage: Edible leaves and unusual white flowers

Agapanthus africanus

Buy Agapanthus africanus : From midsummer, globes of blue flowers

Antirrhinum majus 'Admiral White'

£3.49 £2.79
20% off selected seeds
Buy Antirrhinum majus 'Admiral White': Elegant in the summer border

thyme - common (organic)

£1.99 £1.59
20% off selected seeds
Buy thyme - common (organic): A must-have for the kitchen garden

basil 'Greek'

£1.99 £1.59
20% off selected seeds
Buy basil 'Greek': Neat mounds of small, aromatic folige

parsley 'Italian Gaint' (organic)

£1.99 £1.59
20% off selected seeds
Buy parsley 'Italian Gaint' (organic): Said to be tastier than the curled variety

Vaccinium vitis-idaea 'Red Candy (PBR)'

Buy Vaccinium vitis-idaea 'Red Candy (PBR)': Tart, but edible red berries

Ugni molinae 'Ka-Pow' (PBR)

Buy Ugni molinae 'Ka-Pow' (PBR): An unusual addition to the kitchen garden

rhubarb 'Livingstone' (PBR)

Buy rhubarb 'Livingstone' (PBR): The first autumn cropping rhubarb