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radish 'Gaudry 2'

Buy radish 'Gaudry 2': This variety is a small round salad radish with red neck and white base.

carrot 'Nantese di Chioggia 2'

Buy carrot 'Nantese di Chioggia 2': Mid-early nantese carrot from Chioggia, near Venice.

beetroot 'Beetroot of Chioggia'

Buy beetroot 'Beetroot of Chioggia': Early, large round root with alternate white and red stripes on the inside.

beetroot 'Boltardy'

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Buy beetroot 'Boltardy': A reliable and tolerant variety

carrot 'Early Nantes'

Buy carrot 'Early Nantes': Most popular for early sowing

carrot 'Flyaway' F1

Buy carrot 'Flyaway' F1: Excellent resistance to carrot fly

carrot 'Autumn King'

Buy carrot 'Autumn King': Long, tapering and sturdy carrots

parsnip 'Tender and True'

Buy parsnip 'Tender and True': Sweet and rich flavour - and reliable too

radish 'French Breakfast 3'

Buy radish 'French Breakfast 3': Reliable, trouble-free and great quality

celeriac 'Prinz'

Buy celeriac 'Prinz': Aromatic celery-like flavour

parsnip 'Gladiator'

Buy parsnip 'Gladiator': A top-quality parsnip, reliable and trouble-free

spring onion 'North Holland Blood Red'

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Buy spring onion 'North Holland Blood Red': Gorgeous burgundy-red bulbs

carrot 'Adelaide'

Buy carrot 'Adelaide': One of the earliest maturing varieties.

carrot 'Sweet Candle' F1

Buy carrot 'Sweet Candle' F1: Exhibition-quality carrots

kohl rabi 'Purple Delicacy'

Buy kohl rabi 'Purple Delicacy': A tasty alternative to the turnip

beetroot 'Solo' F1

Buy beetroot 'Solo' F1: Bristish bred, modern variety

carrot 'Maestro' F1

Buy carrot 'Maestro' F1: High quality for a long harvest season

carrot 'Primo' F1

Buy carrot 'Primo' F1: Sweet tasting early nantes variety

onion (salad) 'Lilia'

Buy onion (salad) 'Lilia': Colourful tasty and versatile

onion (salad) 'Elody'

Buy onion (salad) 'Elody': Provides extra-long harvest season