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Embossed aged planter

Buy Embossed aged planter: Versatile all-rounder

Sphere planter with stand

Buy Sphere planter with stand: Ideal for smaller spaces

bay - kitchen laurel

Buy bay - kitchen laurel: A kitchen garden essential

Dolly tub

Buy Dolly tub: Vintage-style statement planter

Aged ribbed pot

Buy Aged ribbed pot: Made from rust-resistant galvanised steel with an aged zinc finish

sage common

Buy sage common : A good companion plant

Terracotta tulip pot

Buy Terracotta tulip pot: These classic, unfussy designs work best in an English garden

Tall galvanised dolly pot

Buy Tall galvanised dolly pot:

Galvanised dolly pot

Buy Galvanised dolly pot:

Galvanised dolly bowl

Buy Galvanised dolly bowl:

Galvanised dolly oval trough

Buy Galvanised dolly oval trough: